Public Elementary 9/11 Challenge to Trevor Loudon


9/11, not that difficult

Your 7-3 "Asner" piece, at, appears to be, at best, the product of terrible ignorance. You appear to have put the 9/11 cart before the horse by reviewing the Asner ad without being cognizant of much pre-requisite information.

May I suggest you start by reviewing



You did not respond to my 7-5 challenge to get your 9/11 facts straight by either accepting or refuting I’ll assume we have encountered the limit of your acceptance of rigor and objectivity. If you have anything to add before I publish this…



Since you keep spewing ( nonsense about 9/11, I publicly (,%20Handling/Challenging%20on%20Baby%20Step/Loudon.htm) challenge you to refute the elementary


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