9/11 Challenge to the Michael Coren

From: Daniel Noel [mailto:dan.noel@global-platonic-theater.com]
Sent: Monday, 2014-Mar-24 21:29
To: Michael Coren
Subject: 9/11, getting serious

Dear Michael:

In the wake of your recent nonsensical hit piece, I publicly challenge you to refute the elementary 9/11 baby step.


Daniel Noël
Platonic analyst
1098 Glen Circle
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

From: Daniel Noel [mailto:dan.noel@global-platonic-theater.com]
Sent: Monday, 2014-Mar-31 15:06
To: Michael Coren
Subject: RE: 9/11, getting serious

You keep posting essentially imbecilic information about 9/11, yet did not answer my simple Mars 24 email. Our readers are wondering whether this is due to your ignorance, your stupidity, your cowardice, or your hypocrisy. Wouldn’t you care to enlighten them?

In the meantime, the elementary 9/11 baby step stands unrefuted by you.